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In recent years we`ve turned more to built-ins because freestanding furniture comes from the Far East for thruppence and many people can`t tell the difference.

Most local hardwoods and softwoods are suitable though in practice there`s an element of “needs must”.

We build cupboards to suit the space you have available (not six inches short but with a veneered chipboard filler piece at extra expense).

We build framed cupboards with tongued and grooved softwood shelving.
We can hide odd bits of plumbing and enclose “hopeless” corners. We can incorporate a nice old cupboard among your new ones.

We make doors that are hung as cabinet doors. We can sometimes make them look old if that`s what you want.

We make drawers and drawer frames that should see you out.

We can use reclaimed and recycled wood.

We can help you make the best of your space.

Most importantly, we can let your design grow. Don`t commit to a whole project: build part one and you`ll be surprised at how that makes you feel about what you thought would be part two.

This approach may not be the best for the unimaginative or impatient.

Part fitted, part unfitted?

Seen a picture?

Can you rough sketch?

You think it, we make it.