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People usually assume that it will cost loadsamoney to have bespoke items: also furniture comes down the list of priorities compared to roofs and windows.

Our kitchens won`t cost you tons – no more than the better quality stuff in mass produced ranges – if you count the fitting.

Assuming our normal way of working which is to have softwood interiors and show woods on the outside, we have a guide price of £140 per foot run of worktop height cupboards.

Extras would include drawers, but there wouldn`t be a large addition for filler strips. You won`t need them. Top cupboards cost less.

I`ll give you an estimate and be more specific as you develop the design. Before I start you`ll know what the final bill will be.

Our tables and chairs will cost less than the better quality stuff at large stores. We don`t work for threepence per hour but we don`t charge the earth either.

I like to take a deposit for materials when we agree to go ahead. This commits us both to the project and saves me getting my fingers burned too often. On a large job I may need to take staged payments. Otherwise think of me like Tesco: when you`ve got the goods, that`s when you pay.